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  • 372 Lamps 7 color PDT machine LB512
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Wholesale 5d PDT Led Beauty Machine


  • Tri-folding

  • Detachable

  • 6 LED lights

  • UV light

  • Cold spray

  • Hot compress

  • EMS treatment

  • Light package

How it works

1.LED light therapy: Lights of different wavelengths penetrate skin layers of different depths, accelerating the regeneration of cells and collagen so as to solve various skin problems and realize skin rejuvenation.

2.Cold nano spray: Nano scale hydrating, protecting skin and maintaining water balance.

3.Hot compress: opening pores, deep moisturizing, promoting blood circulation and cell metabolism thus making skin moisturized and rosy.

4.UV: eliminating harmful light waves in the sunlight which may result in freckles, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sunburn, etc, to effectively reach the deep skin, promote the production and fixation of melanin.

5.EMS: opening the connection between the tiny channels on the surface of the skin and the deeper layers inside the skin. Nutrients are delivered through the tiny channels to reach the deeper layers of the skin, accelerating skin metabolism, increasing elasticity and promoting nutrient absorption.

LB512 LED PDT machine 6


  • Anti-aging & Skin rejuvenation

  • Skin tightening & moisturizing & whitening

  • Pore shrinking & Skin sedation

  • Wrinkle removal & Acne treatment

  • Promote blood circulation & metabolism

  • Skin tanning

led before and after 5
led before and after 4

Main Features

LB512 LED PDT machine 10



You will receive the main host with the following accessories:

  • Adapter
  • Micro electric
  • Eye patch
  • Shoulder patch
  • Neck patch
  • Chest patch

372 Lamps 7 color PDT machine LB512 1



The wholesale pdt machine is detachable that will easy to assemble and dissemble for storage.

LB512 LED PDT machine 9

Ultrasonic Nano Spray Therapy


The cold spray penetrates tiny water particles deep into the skin for faster hydration and absorption.

Dilute skin care products or purified water are recommended. Do not mix with other high-concentration lotion or essential oils. It will be more effective when used with a mask.

The ultrasonic nano spray helps to:

  • Open pores
  • Deep moisturizing
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Cell metabolism

LB512 LED PDT machine 5

Hot Compress Therapy


Hot compresses work by heating the skin deeply, opening the pores for better absorption of nutritional products.


This machine has five adjustable temperature levels,the temperature adjustment range is 45°C-75°C. You can set the temperature according to individual needs. It is recommended to use it two to three times a day for 15 to 20 minutes each time.

LB512 LED PDT machine 4

UV Light


The top of the PDT therapy machine is equipped with UV light, most of which can be absorbed by epidermal tissue.


UV exposure has a tanning effect. This function causes the skin on the irradiated part to darken, so you can choose to use this function according to your personal situation. The distance between the skin and the lamp is preferably in the range of 5-10 cm.

LB512 LED PDT machine 3

EMS Treatment


EMS low-frequency pulse micro-electric massage technology can relax muscles on:

  • Face
  • Breast
  • Shoulder


Opens the connection between the tiny channels on the surface of the skin and the deeper layers inside the skin. Nutrients can be delivered to the deep layer of the skin through tiny channels. Achieve the effect of accelerating skin metabolism, increasing elasticity, and promoting nutrient absorption.


When in use, the positive and negative electrodes need to contact the skin at the same time or contact the skin through a conductive medium.

Machine Structure

372 Lamps 7 color PDT machine LB512 3

Machine Parameter

Model Number LB512
Plugs Type AU,UK,EU,US
Working Time 0-60min
LED Color 7 color
Lamp bead quantity 372pcs
Mode 7 modes
Temperature 45℃-75℃
Package size 40*26*30cm
Gross weight 3.5kg
Warranty 1 year

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