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As we all know, time is an irresistible flood that pushes us to grow older, both physically and mentally. As we age, it is inevitable that our skin will show signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, and dullness. Even fat is more likely to accumulate here and there as our metabolism slows down, despite our best efforts to eat and sleep healthily. Ultherapy is a noninvasive way to help people lift and tighten their skin, reduce fine lines and reduce stubborn fat. In this article, we will discuss how much does Ultherapy machine cost.

What Is the Ultherapy Machine

Ultherapy is a cosmetic procedure approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It uses ultrasonic energy that passes through the surface of the skin and concentrates in the deep skin. Then it can tighten subcutaneous tissue and fascia. It can promote the regeneration of deep collagen at the same time, thereby improving facial skin and achieving the goal of lifting and tightening the skin.

 The Ultherapy machine applies this technology and uses micro-focused ultrasound waves to heat the skin tissue to 60-75℃. It is effective for tightening and rejuvenating the skin. Furthermore, Ultherapy is a simple and quick beauty treatment. Besides, it is non-invasive and painless when compared to traditional facial beauty methods.

Meanwhile, the Ultherapy machine provides instant ultrasound imaging for more precise treatment. This technology allows practitioners to see the deep tissue layers of the face.

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How Much Does Ultherapy Machine Cost

The cost of an Ultherapy machine can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the manufacturer, the model, the operating handle depth, the imaging technology, and the features included. Next, we will discuss the price of different Ultherapy machines. And the price is based on new advanced machines, Hifu Ultherapy machines and used machines.

  • Advanced Professional Ultherapy Machine

In order to cater to the entire market, the manufacturer produces a wide range of Ultherapy equipment. But professional-grade items are superior to ordinary and local products found in the market. And a professional Ultherapy device typically costs from $10,000 to $70,000. 

For example, the Merz Aesthetics Ultherapy machine which is manufactured in 2017, costs from $25,000 to $26,000. While the Candela GentleMAX Pro machine manufactured in 2017 as well costs from $55,000 to $56,000. If you are seeking high-quality and some new-type Ultherapy products for your patients, and more importantly, if you have an adequate budget, you can consider the advanced one.

  • Hifu Ultherapy Machine

Compared to professional Ultherapy machines, this kind of machine is priced significantly lower. The cost of a skin treatment Hifu device ranges from $2,500 to $10,000. Except for Hifu machines like Hifu Anti-wrinkle Machine which costs from $9,500 to $10,000, it also offers low-cost Hifu machines like Portable Hifu Machine. Its price can range from $1,700 to $2,000.

Although these types of devices are not as expensive as the advanced Ultherapy machines, they are also effective for firming the face and resisting aging, especially after a certain period of use.

  • Used Ultherapy Machine

If the original prices of Ultherapy machines are prohibitively expensive, making it unaffordable for you, you may take the used Ultherapy machine into account. You can purchase a used Ultherapy machine for $1,000 to $5,000.

For example, the Merz Cellfina Microblade(2015) machine may cost from $1,750 to $1,900 in a second hand market. While the price of a used MED-870+ CO2 Fractional Laser Machine can range from $4,000 to $5,000.

But there is one thing you should pay attention to when you decide to buy a used Ultherapy machine. A thorough inspection of the device should be conducted before purchasing as sellers may offer a low price due to defects.

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Is Ultherapy Worth the Cost

Ultherapy is generally considered safe and effective, making it a worthwhile investment despite the expensive upfront cost of the device. The device is effective at lifting and firming facial skin, removing wrinkles, and providing anti-aging benefits. With these benefits, many customers are likely to return, allowing for a gradual but significant return on your investment.


In conclusion, the cost of an Ultherapy machine can be significantly expensive. But it is important to consider the potential benefits and whether or not it is worth the investment. For those who are looking for a non-invasive way to lift and tighten their skin, Ultherapy may be a viable option. 

For some large hospitals, you can also consider purchasing an Ultherapy machine to provide more efficient and advanced facial care services for your customers. While for some relatively small-scale clinics, you can also go to the second-hand market to find a good and affordable machine.

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