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The decision to enlarge one’s breast is a personal choice that may have various motivations. Some people may choose to increase their breast size for aesthetic reasons, to improve their self-confidence, or to feel more comfortable in their own bodies. Besides, breast enlargement can potentially enhance the shape and volume of the breasts, creating a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. While there are many procedures to enlarge your breasts and improve forms like fat transfer, breast augmentation, breast enlargement pump, or breast massage. But what is the best way to enlarge breast without surgery?

Is It Possible to Increase Breast Size?

The answer is yes and there are several methods available that can potentially increase breast size.

One of the most popular methods is breast augmentation surgery, which insert implants to change the size of the breasts. This is typically done by a plastic surgeon and is a surgical procedure with potential risks and complications.

There are also non-surgical methods such as using breast enlargement pumps, massage techniques, and taking supplements or hormones that claim to increase breast size. These enlargement pumps typically work by creating suction around the breast tissue, which is believed to stimulate blood flow and promote tissue expansion. After a certain amount of time of use and treatment, there will be a certain increase in breast size.

How to Enlarge Breast with Konmison Breast Enlargement Machine

  • 180ML XL Cup Breast Buttock Enlargement Lifting Machine from Konmison

This vacuum breast enlargement machine has 34 cups and 3 metal heads, including a pair of 21cm XL butt cups. It is embodied with a mechanical pump that can offer enough suction for the cups to suck and release automatically. Cups of various sizes, as well as the 21cm XL buttock lifting cups and super strong suction, can stimulate the fat issues on the breasts and buttocks.

Meanwhile, it can firm and lift the breast, as well as enhance buttock. Furthermore, scraping and cupping therapy can also be provided on the shoulders and back with this machine to stimulate the acupoints and relax muscles.

Operation steps:


As breast enlargement cups frequently function in pairs, one connecting tube typically contains two distinct portions. Whereas one side of the tube has two interfaces for attaching two corresponding breast enlargement cups, the other side of the tube has a single pipe interface for connecting the vacuum machine. So, before usage, make sure the tube is correctly connected and unobstructed.

2.Apply moisture

Moisturizing the breasts is crucial because breasts may suffer vacuum suction for a given amount of time. To avoid the skin on your breasts from being too dry and hurting, you can apply some moisturizer on it.

3.Vacuum power and time setting

Adjust the vacuum power from the lowest level, then gradually adjust it higher to the level you can tolerate. One treatment is recommended to last 30 to 50 minutes.

4.Enlargement cups

Put the enlargement cups with specific sizes on corresponding treatment areas.

5.Scrapping and cupping therapy

Scrapping therapy with 3 metal heads is suggested to apply first before cupping therapy. Because that can better open the pores to stimulate the acupoints and dredge the meridians.

Video about how to enlarge breast with breast enlargement machine from Konmison

If you are interested in breast enlargement machines, you can click on breast and buttock enlargement machine from Konmison.

What Factors Increase Breast Size?

Breast size is determined by a variety of factors, including genetics, hormones, body weight, and age. These are the most natural factors that affect the size of breasts. First, is genetics, which is a major determined factor. If your mother or grandmother has larger breasts, then you are more likely to have larger ones as well.

The second is hormones. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone play a significant role in breast development during our puberty. Third is weight gain. As we all know, breasts are made up of fat tissue, so gaining weight can increase breast size. Besides, during pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause breast tissue to expand, leading to an increase in breast size.

In fact, you can also make your breasts bigger through your efforts. Breast enhancement pumps, for example, stimulate breast fat cells and blood flow by applying suction to the breast, activating breast fat tissue and stimulating breast tissue regrowth to increase breast volume.


All breasts are attractive regardless of size or shape, big or small. While some people are content with their natural bodies, others choose to work on themselves. Nonetheless, some women prefer to have larger breasts because this helps to build self-confidence for them. In fact, different people have different pursuits of body aesthetics. If you want to go for breast enlargement, then go for it as long as you have thought it through for your own pleasure.

If you want to know more details about breast enlargement pump machine, you can click on how to use breast enlargement pump.

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