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Even though the breast augmentation procedure is an established and successful way for breast enlargement, some people are still looking for a non-invasive way. Therefore, for those who prefer to use non-invasive and safe methods for enhancement, the breast enlargement pump has been marketed as a popular option for them. Because it’s effective without undergoing surgery or using any implants. However, how to use breast enlargement pump may become a major concern.

What Is Breast Enlargement Pump

A breast enlargement pump, or a breat enhancement pump is a device aiming to increase the size of breasts by applying gentle suction pressure to the breast tissue. It usually takes a long period of use to get results. Generally speaking, a set of breast enhancement pump devices consists of several groups of breast enhancement cups of different sizes, and two cups work together when used.

Place a pair of cups over the breasts, and a vacuum pump creates suction in the cups. The suction creates a vacuum around the breast tissue, which stimulates blood flow to the area and promotes the growth of new breast tissue. The gentle, consistent pressure applied to the breasts over time will cause the tissue to expand and result in larger, fuller breasts. Besides, the vacuum suction can also help to lift and firm the skin of the treatment area.

There are also many different kinds of breast enhancement pump devices on the market nowadays for you to choose from according to your needs. Here we recommend you the mechanical pump breast enlargement machine from Konmison.

How to Use Breast Enlargement Pump

The operation of different breast enhancement pump devices will certainly be different, here we give you a general and detailed list of operating procedures as far as possible.

  • Apply Moisturizer

Since the breasts will go through vacuum suction and pressure for a certain period, the breasts moisturizing is important. You can apply some moisturizer on the breasts to prevent the skin from becoming too dry and prevent the skin from being hurt.

  • Installation and Connection

As we have just mentioned, breast enlargement cups often work in pairs, so usually, one connecting tube has two different sections. One side is a single pipe interface for connecting the vacuum device, while the other side of the tube has two interfaces for connecting two corresponding breast enlargement cups. So make sure the tube is not clogged and is connected properly before using.

  • Energy Level Adjustment

It is recommended to start with the lowest suction energy level when using the breast enhancement pump device. Because sometimes the suction power is too strong to tolerate. So it is very important to adjust the suction power level from a low level gradually to a higher level according to your feeling.

  • Time Setting

The final step is to set up the treatment time. Usually, an ideal duration of one treatment lasts from 30 to 50 minutes. You can go for one session a day.

Video about how to use breast enhancement device

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Breast Enlargement Pump Before and After

For different types of breast enhancement pump devices, the effects can differ with disparate duration time and vacuum power. Some studies have shown that the breasts of the pump user increased by 1 to 2 cup size on average. It is indeed effective and changes appear after using the breast enhancement pump for a certain period. Except for the size increase, the breast enhancement pump is effective for breast lifting and firming as well.

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FAQ about Breast Enlargement Pump

1. How Long Should I Use Breast Enlargement Pump

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is best to use the breast enhancement pump 30 to 50 minutes at a time. And you have it for daily use. Only with persistent use can there be positive results.

2. Do Breast Pumps Work to Enlarge Breasts

Yes, the breasts of the pump user may increase from 1 to 2 cup size on average. However, only with persistent use can there be positive results.

3. What Are the Side Effects of Vacuum Breast Enlargement

  • Stretch marks may appear

If you don’t moisturize well before using the breast enhancement pump, stretch marks are possible to occur.

  • Redness may occur

After the treatment, there might be some mild redness on the breasts. But don’t worry, it will disappear in a few days.

All in all, some of the side effects of vacuum breast enhancement can be actually avoidable with a professional breast enhancement pump device and professional operation. And more importantly, remember to apply some moisturizer before using.


The breast enlargement pump is safe and effective for increasing the size of breasts. And some breast enlargement pump machines apply additional types of therapy, like cupping and scraping therapy. If you are considering using a breast enlargement pump, this article can be a good help for you.

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