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Why Is Electrolysis Not Working and How to Deal with It

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Many people choose to remove unwanted hair because they prefer the way they look without it. While some people choose to remove hair because it would trap bacteria and sweat. Anyway, no matter what the reason may be, there are so many methods to remove hair. And electrolysis is one of the most common technologies that is used in hair removal machines. However, a question is frequently asked when using it: why is electrolysis not working?

What Is Electrolysis and How Does It Work?

Typically, electrolysis indicates a chemical process that uses electric current to separate the substance into its constituent elements or compounds. In another word, electrolysis is a process to break apart the compound substance by using electricity.

As for electrolysis hair removal, it is based on the principle of electrolysis. Normally, an electrolysis hair removal machine applies some tiny mental needles that can penetrate into the area around the hair follicle. Under the action of electric current, the electrolysis reaction takes place, hence breaking down and damaging the hair follicle, and preventing hair regrowing.

Possible Reasons for Electrolysis Not Working

When undergoing electrolysis hair removal treatment, there are always questions from clients about electrolysis hair removal. One of the most common questions is why is the electrolysis not working. Here are the possible reasons of this question.

  • Hormones and medicines influence

It is well known that hormones have an important influence on hair growth. Especially when a person’s hormones are out of whack, his or her body hair will have abnormal shedding or growth. The abnormal hair growth cycle caused by hormones can make electrolysis hair removal much less effective. Meanwhile, some types of medicines may affect the hormones.

  • Fail to do regular treatment

Electrolysis requires the destruction of hair follicles one by one in order to achieve permanent hair removal. This is a relatively long-term process. So in a short period of time, you may be confused to wonder why your hair still grows after doing the electrolysis hair removal, as if there is no effect. Therefore, it is very important to insist on a regular electrolysis treatment.

  • Unskilled technician

Compared to laser hair removal, electrolysis hair removal is much more complicated and difficult to operate. While in some regions and countries, electrolysis hair removal operators do not require any qualifications or training. And this might be the one to blame for the ineffective electrolysis hair removal!

  • Outdated electrolysis machine

As we all know, with the development of the times, the technology of everything is iteratively updated in order to ultimately achieve better results. And the electrolysis hair removal machine is no exception. However, some beauty salons or beauty clinics are still using the less effective outdated electrolysis machine to save cost. So if you are unlucky enough to be in that situation, the whole hair removal treatment will not live up to your expectations.

How Can I Make Electrolysis Work Better?

  • Follow the treatment plan

Hair grows in a certain circle, including 3 main stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The best stage to remove unwanted hair is when the hair is in the anagen stage. Because in this stage, the newly growing hair is visible and soft, and the electrolysis can better damage the hair follicles and prevent new growth of hair. Therefore, when the technician has made a professional treatment plan for you, you’d better follow it.

  • Find a reliable technician

Finding a reliable technician may not be easy. But we still have ways to determine their professionalism. First, find out if they have any relevant certificates, such as certifications approved by International Commission for Hair Removal Certification (ICHRC), Certified Clinical Electrologist (CCE), or the Certified Medical Electrologist (CME) certification. Second, ask the operator if he or she can give you a relatively specific treatment procedure and plan.

  • Advanced electrolysis machine

To find a professional and advanced electrolysis hair removal machine, you can start by finding a reliable supplier. Certifications like CE and FDA is required. You can also watch their product reviews to learn about their products and service.

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How Long Does Electrolysis Take on Chin

Usually, it takes 20 to 60 minutes to remove the chin hair every electrolysis session. While the total procedure can take from 8 months to several years. Most of the time, the electrolysis treatment wouldn’t be the same from person to person, and this depends on the hair growth condition.


Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal treatment that has gained popularity despite its long and costly treatment course. There is no doubt that electrolysis is really effective for hair removal, but the most important thing is not to give up halfway easily because of its long treatment procedure. The answer to why is electrolysis not working and how to deal with it has been given in detail, hope you can have a better understanding of electrolysis hair removal.

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