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3D Logo Sticker Instead of Printed Logo

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A customer from the UK contact us through WhatsApp. During the communication we knew that the customer has a skin care training school in London. She had previously worked with a supplier for ten years, but this time she did not plan to cooperate with the original supplier because she must find a large company that can provide her with CE certification according to the market demand. That is why she came to us.

At first, the client wanted to buy derma pen with customize logo and packaging.
After building the trust, the customers asked about other beauty devices and inquiry the information about customizing private logo.

As we all know, the printing logo is usually done by a special printing company, and the MOQ is 100/500/1000pcs. However, although the customer planed to purchase the number of several large-scale instruments that the customer needed to buy is one, and each one needed to be customized with a different logo. How to do this?

We contacted a number of printing companies, hoping to have someone that can accept a MOQ of 1, but it did not come true. When we still bothered by this problem, we received a printing company that they could provide a 3D logo sticker that allows people to actually touch the shape of the logo. It is so happy to seen that our client was satisfied with this 3D logo. In the end, we reached a cooperation with this client.

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