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Customized Beauty Equipment within 3 Days

3d hifu machine LB270 4

Bolivian customers contacted us through Alibaba. Since we are a professional beauty equipment business and can provide one-stop service, which is very in line with the needs of the customer. When communicated with the client, we noticed that he needed kinds of customized beauty machines. As we sells various kinds of beauty equipment, and also has a professional design team, we showed him what we can do and build the trust. Thus, the customer ordered several type of machines included the hair removal device, cavitation slimming machine, shock wave machine, PDT machine, and air pressure slimming machine.

However, the customer required to ship to other cities for loading within three days after paying. Under this situation, we must improve the efficiency because we also need to customize the logo and stickers. In order to give a perfect service to our customer, we did the following actions:

1.Contacted the customer’s freight forwarder in time to note down the latest loading date and informed the customer about the shipment time.
2.Confirmed with the customer the customization details.
3.Our design team prepared for the design draft, and then sent it to the customer for confirmation.
4.Communicated with the factory about the delivery date and urge production.
5.Before delivery, the quality inspection department checked if the machines work in strict accordance with the customer’s customized requirements.
6.Took a video before shipment and send it to the customer to confirm whether the customized machines met the requirements.

Due to our experienced business, design, factory and quality inspection department, the customer received the goods successfully. He is very satisfied that we can achieve such good results in the short period of time and expressed that we will cooperate for a long time.

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