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Problem statement

A client was particularly interested in one of our products, But he wanted to customize the product to make it unique to his brand. The client wanted to customize the system and change the circuit board and the working mode of the product. Also, he wanted to customize the packaging and the user manual. After knowing the client’s needs, we tried our best to satisfy the client.


Our company has our factory, which can provide clients with product customization and help clients achieve brand differentiation. Therefore, after our salesmen know the client’s customization needs, she immediately clarified the customization details with the client. Then confirm with the factory whether the client’s request can be realized. In order to create a perfect product for the client, the factory gave suggestions about the packaging and color matching according to the clients’ customized requirements. Since our factory has done many cases and is very experienced, so we can provide clients with valuable advice.

We have our engineering department and design team, so after the factory’s plan is confirmed with the client, we asked the company’s designer to make a customized plan as required by the client. The designer made a product map with the client’s private logo according to the client’s request. Our designers are experienced and efficient. On average, they can submit the design drafts for clients within 1-2 days. After receiving the draft, the client put forward some suggestions for the designer’s reference.

After the client confirmed the design plan, we first send a sample for the client to confirm. After the client was satisfied, we mass-produce it according to the client’s needs. It is noted that the sample is not for free, but if the client is satisfied and orders large quantities in the near future, the sample fee can be refunded. Our salesman told the detailed process clearly to the client.


Finally, we helped clients perfectly address the problem of product customization. It took 20 days of the process from receiving the request for customization to customization successfully. The overall process was very successful, and everyone understood and respected each other. The final result is high client satisfaction.


Our company provides product customization services for clients, and the salesmen are very experienced that can help clients to achieve product customization. At the same time, our factory and designer also provided professional advice for product customization. Our company has our engineers and design team, which can meet client needs efficiently and with high quality. Our company has a mature service system, and all departments work together to give good service to clients.

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