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JF715 40K cavitation 4

A staff member Deisy from Singapore found us online. She wanted to help her boss find a piece of suitable beauty equipment. Our experienced salesperson communicated with her and found that she needed a beauty machine with cavitation and RF functions. We recommended her the new 9-in-1 RF Cavitation Beauty Machine according to her needs.

After half a month, the customer’s boss finally confirmed the order, but she hoped to pay in RMB. So, we converted the priced USD into RMB according to the exchange rate and quoted it to the customer. Then the customer readily confirmed the order and hoped to ship it as soon as possible.

Figure 1

Unexpectedly, that period of time coincided with the outbreak of the pandemic in Guangzhou. The government locked down streets and productive enterprises, and it was recommended that everyone stay at home for isolation. Reluctantly led to the delay of the delivery date.

When faced with an emergency, our salesmen appeased customers in time and kept up with the progress of the order, contacted the factory to arrange the shipment as soon as possible. Under this situation, the client also very understood the inevitable delay. Finally, the machine was shipped successfully.

case 12.27 2
Figure 2

The customer was very satisfied after receiving the RF cavitation beauty machine, and we also made relevant follow-ups to ask the customer if she had any problems.

During the process, we learned that the client wanted to go back to her motherland Indonesia to open a beauty salon. Our experienced salesman kindly informed her about some local import customs clearance.

The customer was very grateful and sincerely hoped that we can ship the products to Indonesia for her in the future to reach long-term cooperation.

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