Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival: Konmison’s Joyful Traditional Jubilation

2023Mid Autumn 8

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A special event to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was held at the Konmison office on September 27th. Drawing inspiration from beloved traditional games and featuring exciting prizes, Konmison team members came together to joyfully mark this occasion.

2023Mid Autumn 3
Konmison members queued up in front of their preferred game stations

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, affectionately known as the Moon Festival, is a cherished tradition characterized by family reunions and the delightful sharing of mooncakes. This heartfelt celebration falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, coinciding with the fullest and most radiant phase of the moon. This year, it’s marked for September 29th.

The festivities commenced with renditions of well-loved melodies associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Enthusiastic participants eagerly queued up in front of their preferred game stations. There were three primary activities:

🍨 Crafting Bingfen (Ice Powder Jelly): Folks tried their hand at creating their own Bingfen, also known as ice powder jelly. This delightful delicacy holds a special place in Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, offering a refreshing contrast to the richness of mooncakes. Its cool, soothing allure is especially cherished in Guangzhou, where hot summer days persist, making it the perfect indulgence to beat the heat.

2023Mid Autumn 1
Crafting Bingfen activity
2023Mid Autumn 9
Crafting Bingfen-people are making their own Bingfen with their preferred food

🎯 Touhu Challenge (Pitch-Pot Game): The Touhu, or Pitch-Pot game, added an element of friendly competition. Players took aim, attempting to land objects in designated containers, a classic game that resonates with the festival’s jovial spirit.

2023Mid Autumn 7
2023Mid Autumn 6

🏮 Lantern Riddles: Keeping with tradition, lantern riddles were also a central part of the celebration. Participants engaged in the timeless practice of solving riddles attached to lanterns, a delightful mental challenge during this season of reflection.

2023Mid Autumn 8 1

As the laughter of our team members echoed through the Konmison office, it was clear that our Mid-Autumn Festival celebration had left a lasting impression. Through the traditional games and cherished moments shared, we created beautiful memories and embraced the spirit of unity that this festival represents.

Here Konmison team would like to extend our heartfelt wishes to everyone. May the radiance of the full moon bring light to your lives, and may the joy we shared today continue to brighten your days throughout the year. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 🌕

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