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Useful Tips about How to Use Mini HIFU Machine

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HIFU technology is now very popular and commonly applied in facial beauty machines and body slimming machines for its non-invasive and effective features. Furthermore, the mini HIFU machine is becoming a hit as a home-use beauty device. Many people who care about health and beauty have a mini HIFU machine yet still don’t know how to use it properly. This article will tell you useful tips about how to use mini HIFU machine.

What Is the Mini HIFU Machine

A HIFU Machine uses high intensity focused ultrasound targeting in face, neck and body areas. Based on the heat principle, the ultrasound waves can generate heat and delivery the heat into the  subcutaneous tissue, stimulating collagen regeneration and restructuring.

While mini HIFU machines are smaller and more affordable versions of the larger HIFU machines used in medical settings and beauty salons. They are usually handheld devices that you can use at home or you can bring with it when you are traveling, and they typically target specific areas of the face, such as the forehead, eyes, chin, and neck.

How to Use Mini HIFU Machine at Home

Many people bought a mini HIFU machine yet don’t know how to use it properly, which makes the treatment less effective. But don’t worry, here we list the major steps of how to use a HIFU machine, and a detailed video is provided as well.

  • Installation& connection

It is usually equipped with several different depths of cartridges for a desktop-style HIFU machine. So the first step is to install the cartridge head on the handle. Then connect the wire and turn on the machine.

  • Parameters setting

Set the basic parameters such as time, and energy level according to your own needs and feeling. You can start with the lowest energy level, and then gradually adjust it to the statue you enjoy most.

  • Treatment area lines

Draw some lines to divide the areas that you want to treat. This can help you to do the treatment more safely and accurately.

  • Gel or hyaluronic acid

A HIFU machine or treatment should apply with gel or hyaluronic acid. Before starting the operation, remember to put on some gel on the treatment areas, and smooth it with your palms.

  • Handle usage

Use the handle with different sizes and depths of cartridges on corresponding areas, like the skin abound eyes, cheeks, lips, and neck. You can move the handle spot by spot, or you can just slide the handle on your face back and forth to lift and tighten your skin.

Video about how to use mini HIFU machine

Does the Mini HIFU Machine Work

Mini HIFU machines use ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin. According to American the Board of Cosmetic Surgery, there will be effects on the skin within 2 to 3 months after receiving HIFU facial care.

Many studies about HIFU machine has been conducted, and the results show that HIFU machine really works. When you use the HIFU machine, you can certainly feel the HIFU frequency and the warmth that lets you know it’s working. It can be effective for tightening and toning the skin.

Using Mini HIFU Machine Before and After

By using high intensity focused ultrasound, the skin will be heated, and HIFU is effective for wrinkle removal and skin lifting. If you use it for a certain period of time, your skin will become more smooth and tight, which makes you look youthful.

Besides, HIFU is found to be effective in treating cellulite. So if you are one with a cute chubby under-chin, you may discover that even the double chin has been improved or removed after using the mini HIFU machine!

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How Often Should You Use Mini HIFU

Generally speaking, mini HIFU devices are not as strong as the machines in plastic surgery hospitals or in beauty salons. Therefore, you can use the mini HIFU at home more frequently. It is suggested to use a mini HIFU machine 2 to 3 times a week for the first 5 to 6 weeks. And then you can gradually reduce the use frequency. More importantly, you can adjust the frequency you use according to how your skin feels.


After you bought a mini HIFU machine for skin care, you need to figure out how to use the machine on earth. Should I clean the face before using the HIFU machine? What kind of substance should I use in conjunction with it? What massage manipulations should I do when using the machine?

How often should I use the mini HIFU machine? All these questions are necessary to find out the answers. While this article has given almost all the answers to the questions mentioned. Hope you can find it useful for using the mini HIFU machine.

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