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How to Use Vacuum Therapy Machine for Buttocks

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Having well-shaped and toned buttocks is a desire for many people. Despite exercising and following a healthy diet can help, vacuum therapy machines are also becoming popular for buttock enhancement and lift. These machines use suction cups to create a vacuum effect, which stimulates blood flow, increases collagen production, and promotes lymphatic drainage in the buttock area. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use a vacuum therapy machine for buttocks, and answer some frequently asked questions. 

How to Use Vacuum Therapy Machine for Buttocks

When using a vacuum therapy machine for buttocks, it’s important to understand the proper technique to ensure safe and effective results. Next, we will offer you a step-by-step guide on how to use a vacuum therapy machine for buttocks.

Detailed operating steps:

Step 1: Choose the appropriate cup and connect the machine

The operation cups of a vacuum therapy machine usually work in pairs. Therefore, choose 2 appropriate sizes of cups and connect them to the hose. The cup size may be determined by your current buttock size and your desired outcome.

Step 2: Clean the treatment area

You can clean the buttock area with soap and warm water. Cleaning the skin before treatment can help to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities that can accumulate on the skin. This can help to create a clean surface for the vacuum machine to work effectively. And then dry the area thoroughly with a clean towel.

Step 3: Apply a massage oil

In order to help the suction cups glide smoothly over the skin, you can apply massage oil or cream to the buttocks. You can choose the massage oil or cream that is non-comedogenic and does not contain any irritants or allergens.

Step 4: Place the cups over your buttocks

Make sure you have chosen the right cup size and connect the cups and machine well with the forked hose. The skin and tissue are then drawn into the suction cup by a vacuum mechanism after starting that removes all the air from each cup. This encourages improved blood flow to the tissues and supporting muscles.

Step 5: Start to operate

Turn on the vacuum therapy machine and start with a low suction setting. Gradually increase the suction strength as your body gets used to it. And then set the operating time according to the user manual and the effect you want. One treatment session typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 6: End of an operation

The last step when using a vacuum machine for buttocks is to remove the cups and clean the treated area. To remove the cups, simply release the vacuum suction by pressing the adjust the vacuum power to the lowest level and then press the button to pause the machine. Then you can carefully lift the cups away from the skin.

Video about how to use vacuum therapy machine for buttocks

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Vacuum Therapy Machine for Buttocks Before and After

The before and after results of vacuum therapy machines for buttocks may vary depending on several factors such as age, skin elasticity, and body weight. However, many users have reported an improvement in the shape, tone, and overall appearance of their buttocks after using vacuum therapy machines.

FAQ about Vacuum Therapy Machine

1. Does Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks Work?

Yes, it does work. The vacuum therapy for buttocks uses suction cups to stimulate blood flow and promote collagen production in the buttocks area. And it can be effective in enhancing and improving the appearance of the buttocks. But it is essential to choose a professional vacuum therapy machine.

2.How Long Does Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Last?

Typically, it can last up to 6 months. However, Vacuum therapy can have different consequences on different people, and there is no definitive answer to how long the results will last. The longevity of the results depends on distinct factors, including the individual’s skin elasticity, muscle tone, and lifestyle habits.

3.About Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Cost

The cost of vacuum therapy buttocks may vary depending on the type of machine and the location of the treatment. In general, the cost of a single session of vacuum therapy buttocks may range from $50 to $300. While for some vertical multifunctional vacuum therapy machines, it can cost from $500 to $700.


Vacuum therapy machines for buttocks can be a safe and effective way to improve the shape and tone of the gluteal muscles. Meanwhile, vacuum therapy can help to achieve a fuller, rounder, and more lifted appearance in the buttocks. By following the steps on how to use a vacuum therapy machine for buttocks and using it in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, users may see an improvement in the overall appearance of their buttocks. I believe that after reading this article, it would be helpful for you to have a better understanding of the vacuum therapy machine.

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