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2 in 1 Diode Laser Picosecond Laser Hair&Tattoo Removal Machine


  • Red dot targeting

  • Two rods for alignment

  • 9 selectable languages

  • Long-lasting lifetime handle

  • Robust and effective energy

How it works

  1. Laser Hair Removal Handle:The diode laser generates light at a particular wavelength, and this machine has 3 wavelengths at 808 nm, 755 nm, and 1064 nm. This wavelength is specifically absorbed by the pigment melanin, which is present in the hair follicles. When the Diode laser is directed towards the treatment area, the melanin in the hair follicles absorbs the laser energy. This energy is then converted to heat, which reduces the hair follicles’ ability to generate hair. Hair growth and density are reduced as a result of the targeted hair follicles’ considerable deterioration over time and following many treatments.


  1. The Picosecond Laser for Tattoo Removal (EN154B): Four laser heads with longer wavelengths—532 nm, 1064 nm, 1320 nm, and 755 nm—are produced by this picosecond laser handle. Use this wavelength to find tattoo ink particles embedded deep within the skin. A photothermal effect results from the Picosecond laser’s intense light output on the tattooed area. The heat used during this procedure breaks up the tattoo ink particles into small fragments.

EN154 hair1


  • Tattoo removal

  • Hair removal

  • Pigment removal

  • Skin whitening


Main Features

EN154 hair7 1

Diode Laser Handle For Hair Removal

755nm for white skin (fine/ golden hair) hair removal.

808nm for yellow (neutral) skin hair removal.

1064nm for black skin (black hair) hair removal.

EN154 hair 8 3

Picosecond Laser Handle For Tattoo Removal

755nm Honeycomb Picosecond Head

To improve yellowish skin, eliminate acne scars, lessen spots, and soothe sensitive skin.

532nm Head

For handling more vivid colours, such as ink that is red, orange, or yellow.

1064nm Head

For addressing tattoos and dark, tenacious pigments

1320nm Black Doll Head

For thorough cleaning, brightening, healing dull skin, getting rid of freckles, and reducing pores

Machine Structure

EN154 hair4 1

Machine Parameter

Model number EN154 (Diode laser) /EN154B (2 in 1)
Technology Diode laser+ Nd Yag Pico laser (EN154B)
Display 15.6-inch touch screen
Output power 800w (800w – 2500w is optional)
Power input 110-230V, 50~60Hz
Cooling system Water cooling+air cooling
Net weight 20kg
Package size 63*53*50cm
Package weight 31.5kg
Diode Laser Handle
Laser wavelength 3 wavelengths (808nm+ 755nm + 1064nm)
Lifespan 20,000,000 shots
Handle power 500W/1000W optional
Laser bar 5PCS/10PCS
Spot size 15*25mm
Pulse width 1~400ms
Energy density 1~150J/cm²
Pulse frequency 1~10Hz
Nd Yag Pico Laser Handle (EN154B)
Laser head 4PCS (532nm+ 1064nm+ 1320nm+ 755nm)
Lifespan Infinite
Handle power 450W
Alignment rod 2 ( length: 11.5cm, 7.5cm)
Energy density 0.4~2.0J/cm²
Pulse frequency 1~10Hz
Aiming system Red dot sight

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