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Lite Pico Nd YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine


  • 755nm+1064nm+532nm laser

  • Uniform energy distribution

  • 3-5H recovery time

  • Short operation period

How it works

The pico laser tattoo removal machine, which has three laser heads that operate at wavelengths of 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 755 nm, offers excellent adaptability in handling the variety of tattoo ink colors prevalent in tattoos. The laser heads’ powerful energy bursts produce shockwaves that smash the ink particles into minuscule pieces by a photomechanical reaction. After that, the body’s natural immune system progressively removes the ink fragments, effectively and efficiently removing the tattoo.



  • Skin whitening

  • Pigment removal

  • Acne mark reduction

  • Eyebrow tattoo washing

  • Tattoo removal

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Main Features

EN109 laser tattooremove11

755nm Honeycomb Picosecond Head

Effective for shrinking pores, reducing spots, removing acne marks, and tendering skin.

EN109 laser tattooremove9

1064nm Laser Head

Effective for targeting dark and stubborn pigments and tattoos

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532nm Laser Head

Effective for treating brighter pigments, including red, orange, and yellow ink.

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1320nm Black Doll Head

Effective for deep cleaning, skin whitening, dull skin improving, freckle removing, and pore shrinking

Machine Structure

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Machine Parameter

Model number EN109
Technology Nd YAG pico laser
Laser wavelength 1064nm + 532nm +755nm
755nm laser energy 50-2500MJ
1064nm laser energy 50-2500MJ
532nm laser energy 50-2500MJ
Display 10.4-inch touch screen
Frequency 1-10Hz
Spot size 2-10mm
Pulse width 2000ps
Number of shots 800,000 shots
Cooling system Fan+ water+ condenser
Package size 55*39*41cm
Package weight 18kg

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