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3 in 1 Nd Yag Laser Hair Tattoo Removal Machine


  • 3 technologies- DPL+RF + Laser

  • Nd yag laser probe with measuring scale and aiming beam

  • 3 laser wavelength: 532nm/ 1064nm/ 1320nm

  • 3 RF heads- Large/ medium/ small

  • DPL probe-upgrade of IPL

How it works

DPL: The light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the targeted areas, stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production, which can help improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin.

RF: It can deliver high-frequency electrical currents to the skin’s deeper layers. These electrical currents generate heat, which stimulates collagen and elastin production and tightens existing collagen fibers.

Q-switch Nd Yag Laser: It can emit high-intensity light pulses that penetrate the skin and break up the tattoo ink particles into smaller fragments.

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  • Hair Removal

  • Tattoo removal

  • Freckle removal

  • Skin Rejuvenation

  • Anti-wrinkle

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Main Features

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3 wavelengths of laser

1064nm is for black and blue pigmentation, taboos;

532nm is used for tattoos removal, red or brown pigmentation;

With the help of carbon powder, 1320nm is used for skin whitening, pore shrinking, and deep cleaning.

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3 RF heads- Large/ medium/ small

The small RF probe is for the face, which can smooth wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and lift skin.

The medium RF probe is for anti-wrinkle, improving skin elasticity on the face and neck area.

The large one is used on the body to anti-wrinkle, massage, and improve skin elasticity.

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DPL probe

It is an upgrade of IPL. When using on small areas, such as armpits, the probe can be used as a stamp. But for a large area, hair removal can be done by sweeping to improve efficiency.

Machine Structure

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Machine Parameter

Model number EN114
Technology DPL+RF+Q-switch nd yag laser
Handle quantity 3PCS
Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Color White
Package size 63*56*114cm
NW/GW 75kg
DPL Handle
DPL function 5 modes
OPT Shooting 100,000 times
Function Hair removal,speckle removal,skin whitening,skin Rejuvenation
Q-switch Nd Yag Laser Handle
Aiming beam Yes
Energy 10-2000J/cm2
Frequency 1-10Hz
Laser wavelength 532nm 1064nm 1320nm
Function Tattoo removal,speckle removal,pigment removal,skin whitening,skin Rejuvenation,black doll treatment for deep face cleaning
RF Probes
Heads Large, medium, small (3PCS)
Function Skin Rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle

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