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3 in 1 Breast Massager Vacuum Therapy Machine


  • 26 pcs cups

  • Breast lifting

How it works

This vacuum therapy machine uses far infrared and vacuum theory to improve blood circulation and enhance the buttocks and breasts. There are 26 cups for vacuum therapy. The scale and infrared lamp can be seen clearly on the cups. The cup is made from thick ABS material, which is resistant to wear pressure. The machine can automatically suck and release. Physical massage unclogs meridians, promotes blood circulation, enlarges breasts and buttocks, reduces sagging, and enhances elasticity, firmness, and roundness. Specially designed vacuum pumps can effectively improve breast size and shape. It does not involve silicon injections or surgery. No recovery time is required after the treatment.

vacuum therapy machine FX042 1


  • Vibration massage

  • Enlarge breast

  • Scrapping & cupping therapy

  • Promote blood circulation

breast buttock lifting machine FX051D 9
breast buttock lifting machine FX051D 10

Main Features

vacuum therapy machine FX042 2


The machine is portable. This small size could help you to cost less on the shipping fee. Also, you can bring it out to serve your customers conveniently.

vacuum therapy machine FX042 3

Strong suction

The suction is strong enough, so you do not need to worry about the treatment time. It can help you save time and serve more customers.

Machine Structure


Machine Parameter

Model number FX042
Technology Vacuum therapy + infrared
Cup quantity 26pcs
Material ABS Plastic
Voltage 100V-120V, 220V-240V
Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Power <=180W
Therapy <=5A
Package size 38.5*36* 50 CM
G/weight 6.5KG

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