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Home Use Breast Enhancement Device


  • Pure physical therapy

  • 26 different sizes of cups

  • Kinds of technologies

How it works

The breast enhancement device adopts vacuum, far infrared, anion function, and high-frequency massage. The vacuum absorbs fat particles and fluids, which are then moved into the breast tissue and cells for more developed breasts. Specially designed vacuum pumps can effectively improve breast size and shape. Physical massage unclogs meridians, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, enlarges breasts and buttocks, reduces sagging, and enhances elasticity. It does not involve silicon injections or surgery and does not pain or hurt your skin.

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  • Scalp massage

  • Relax neck

  • Back detoxifying

  • Breast enhancement

  • Butt lift

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breast buttock lifting machine FX051D 10

Main Features

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There is a vibration switch knob on the cups. When you use it, you need to connect to the main host.

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Different sizes of cups

There are 26 cups of different sizes, and the suction is strong enough. It can help you save time and serve more customers.

Machine Structure

FX032 vacuum cup

Machine Parameter

Model Number FX032
Cup quantity 29 cups
Input Voltage SC100V-240V
Package Size 60x36x32cm
Gross Weight 16 kg

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