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Professional Vacuum Therapy Machine


  • Strong suction

  • Compact package saving freight

  • 27 cups+3 metal heads with multiple functions

How it work

This professional vacuum therapy machine adopts the technologies of pulse energy therapy and vacuum, with automatic suction and release to physically massage the breast, dredge the breast meridians and promote blood circulation, thus raising the chest line. It can solve the problem of expansion and sagging looseness, and help to enhance the elasticity, firmness and roundness of the breast. It is safe and does not pose any pain or health threats. No recovery time is required after the treatment. The machine comes with Y-hose. During the treatment, both cups must be used at the same time, if you only use one cup, it will not work.

vacuum therapy machine FX042 1


  • Breast enlargement

  • Hip lifting

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Facial skin care

  • Body massage

  • Cupping

  • Scraping

breast buttock lifting machine FX051D 9
breast buttock lifting machine FX051D 10

Main Features

butt lifting machine FX043 3

Small size

The compact size will be convenient to carry and serve customers. Also, it will help you to reduce the shipping fee.

butt lifting machine FX043 4

Strong suction

The strong suction will give you effective treatment and you will save time.

butt lifting machine FX043 1

Body massage

Three metal heads will help your customers to improve blood circulation, and solve the problem of expansion and sagging looseness.

Machine Structure

butt lifting machine FX043 5

Machine Parameter

Model number FX043
Type Plug-in
Technology Vacuum
Power input voltage AC110-240V
Power output voltage 12V
Power output current 2A
Total instrument power 24W
Time 0-30min
Cup 29pcs
Package dimension 50.8*26.5*18.5cm
Package weight 3.3kg

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