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2 in 1 EMS Stimulator Breast Enlargement Machine


  • EMS & Vacuum

  • 10 pairs of EMS pads

  • Multiple specification of cups

  • Non-invasive and painless

How it works

The breast enlargement machine adopts EMS and vacuum. Adjustable suction and release, physical massage unclogs meridians, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, enlarges breasts and buttocks, reduces sagging, and enhances elasticity, firmness and roundness. Specially designed vacuum pumps can effectively improve breast size and shape. It does not involve silicon injections or surgery and does not pose any pain or health threats. No recovery time is required after treatment to resume normal activities. The machine comes with a white translucent Y-hose. During the treatment, it is necessary to connect two cups at the same time. Place the cup on the area that needs to be treated, such as the breast or buttocks, and press the start button. The machine can automatically suck and release. Note that both cups must be used at the same time to work, if only one cup is used, even if the other is placed in the treatment area, it will not work.

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  • Breast enlargement

  • Body slimming

  • Detoxification

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Skin lifting

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breast buttock lifting machine FX051D 10

Main Features

breast enlargement machine JF604 1

EMS pads

The device aids weight loss, firming, and lymphatic drainage through EMS microcurrents, with intensity control. You can choose to use one program at a time or automatic mode.

breast enlargement machine JF604 5

Breast lifting cups

You can choose different sizes of cups to fit your body. When you use them, they need to be connected to the Y-hose.

breast enlargement machine JF604 3

Massage Head

Using the massage pads, will make you feel relaxed and help you with lymphatic drainage.

Machine Structure


Machine Parameter

Model number JF604
Technology EMS+vacuum
Vacuum cup quantity 3 pairs of breast cups+ 9 pairs of small cups+ 3 scrapping heads
EMS pad quantity 10 pairs of round pads+ a pair of massage pads
Time adjustment 0-60 Minutes
Voltage AC110V/220V, 50-60Hz
Type Plug-in
Packing size 38*37*38 cm
Gross weight 6.5KG

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