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4 in 1 RE-Face EMS RF Face Lift Anti-aging Machine


  • PES(EMS)+PEH(RF) therapy

  • Forehead+eyes+cheek+chin care

  • 20 minutes for one session only

  • Skin tightening+Muscle toning+Face lifting

How it works

PES (Pulse Energy EMS)

Through EMS pads, it applies mild electrical currents to the skin. A firmer and more lifted appearance may arise from the stimulation of collagen and elastin formation by these electrical currents.

PEH (Pulse Energy Heat)

radiofrequency radiation can pass through and heat the skin’s deeper layers. Skin texture is improved and sagging is decreased as a result of this heat’s stimulation of collagen formation and tightening of preexisting collagen fibres.

GN522C EMS REface9


  • Smooth forehead lines

  • Elevate apple cheeks

  • Face lifting&Skin tightening

  • Wrinkle removal

  • Enhance skin elasticity

  • Increase muscle tone

GN522C EMS REface13
GN522C EMS REface12

Main Features

GN522C EMS REface8

Full Face Anti-aging Treatment

It is effective for removing forehead lines and eye bags, lifting apple cheeks, and reducing double chin.

GN522C EMS REface10

20 Minutes for One Session Only

It takes short treatment time but can achive effective results. And it is totally safe, with no fillers, to help you lift and tighten the skin

Machine Structure

GN522C EMS REface11

Machine Parameter

Model number GN522C
Technology PES+PEH (RF)
Operation pad 6PCS (forehead pad+2 eye pads+2 face pads+ chin pad)
Gel pad 5 sets (5 for forehead pad+10 for eye pads+10 for face pads+ 5 for chin pad)
Display 15.6-inch touch screen
RF frequency 1Mhz
Voltage 100-220V, 50/60Hz
Cooling system Air cooling
Package size 62*62*107cm
Package weight 80.6kg

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