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Fat Reduction Fat Freezing Machines


  • Cooling fat dissolving technology

  • One machine with multiple function

  • Non-surgical

How it works

The fat freezing machines provides two different size cooling probes have screens on the handle. Cryolipolysis is a safe slimming method, since it is non-invasive and designed to remove stubborn fat from the body. The probe cab is cooled down to 14℃. Fat cells will be selected and turned into solids. And then eliminated from the body through metabolism without hurting surrounding tissues. Therefore, It will effectively reduce excess fat in specific areas of the body.

2 In 1 cryolipolysis slimming machine JF722 8


  • Body slimming

  • Fat removal

  • Lymph drainage

  • Skin tightening

  • Relax pain

  • Improve blood circulation

cryo slimming before and after 2
cryo slimming before and after 1

Main Features

cryo slimming machine JF247 6

40K cavitation handle

It provides three modes which use for different parts of the body. You can choose the working time and energy according to your customers’ will.

cryo slimming machine JF247 5

cooling handle

You can set the working time, intensity, suction time and release time. Even you can click the start or stop point on it.

cryo slimming machine JF247 8

Small cooling handle

The smaller one can be used for the smaller part of the body since its size is 4*6 cm.

cryo slimming machine JF247 7


There are three modes to choose from. Also, the operating time and energy can be adjusted.

cryo slimming machine JF247 4

Lipo laser

Six laser pads can be controlled separately, so you can use them with several customers at the same time.

Machine Structure

cryo slimming machine JF247

Machine Parameter

Model Number JF247
Screen 15inch touch screen
Cavitation 40K
Laser wavelength 650nm
Cryo handles 3 pcs

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