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A long-term cooperation from Peru

7d hifu machine 3

A customer from Peru, she is a local distributor and owns a beauty salon. When she came to us for the first time, she intended to buy a Hifu machine for testing. Whatsapp was added during our communication with her. After receiving the HIFU machine, she felt more trust in us. We cooperated with her almost 10 times in less than 4 months. Next part, we will share the key to our successful cooperation with her.

Take customer needs seriously

We first contact with Helen was in July. She said she wanted a 7D HIFU, and our salesman immediately recommended to her the most suitable product according to her request. The relevant information and quotation are then sent to the customer.

7d hifu machine 1

Rich product knowledge and responsible attitude

When Helen asks many details, we gave the most sincere answer from a professional point of view. We considered the interests from the perspective of the customer, not just for the interests of Konmison. Therefore, we recommended the most suitable machine for her and offer the best price. Also solved related doubts for her, such as machine operation, quality, shipping cost, customs and other issues.

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Carefully maintain the relationship with customers and promote multiple repurchases

After having communications, Helen needed many types of machines. But she did not know much about the machine, so when we recommended the machine to her, we told her a lot about the working principle of the machine, the function of the machine and what benefits the machine could bring her, and rationally analyze the machine, such as the price and value. These are exactly what she needs.

beauty machine order

In fact, building trust with customers is very important. As a professional commercial salesperson, we must not only have sufficient machine knowledge, but also have excellent customer communication skills, so that we can be a trusted partner. She then purchased eight machines from us in four months, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 or more. We are very happy to have Helen as a long-term partner.

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