Does Breast Vacuum Pump Machine Really Work?

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A study about women’s satisfaction with their breasts has shown that up to 71% were not satisfied with their breasts. Among them, nearly half of the women want their breasts to be larger. And there are data to show that Breast Augmentation continues to be one of the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures and has been since 2006. So it can be observed that when it comes to breasts – a part of a woman’s external appearance, many individuals strive to find methods that can help them achieve their desired size or shape for their breasts. While in recent years, the breast vacuum pump machines came into people’s life and became popular for its noninvasive breast enlarging. But many people may wonder how does it work and does breast vacuum pump machine really work?

What Is Breast Vacuum Pump Machine?

A breast vacuum pump machine is a device designed to stimulate breast tissue growth and enhance breast size and shape. It typically consists of two suction cups or cups attached to a mechanical pump. The cups are placed over the breasts, creating a vacuum suction that gently stretches the breast tissue and stimulates blood flow to the area.

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How Does Breast Vacuum Pump Machine Work?

The working principle of a breast vacuum pump machine revolves around the concept of tissue expansion. By creating a vacuum around the breasts, the machine stimulates blood circulation and encourages the expansion of breast tissue. This process is believed to promote the growth of breast cells, resulting in increased size and firmness over time.

How to Use Breast Vacuum Pump Machine?

1. Connnect the cups and machine

Find the two corresponding cups because they usually work in pairs. Then connect the cups and the vacuum port with a double-ended pipe.

2. Adjust the suction level

Begin with the lowest suction level and gradually increase it as tolerated and according to your comfort level.

3. Apply lubrication

You can apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the breast cups or their breasts to create a better seal and reduce discomfort.

4. Place the cups

Position the cups over your breasts, ensuring that they are centered and covering the entire breast area. And then start the treatment.

5. Duration

Typically, one treatment can last from 15 to 25 minutes.

Of course, the specific procedure will depend on the particular device.

Video about how to use a vacuum breast enlargement machine:

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Breast Vacuum Pump Machine Before and After

After using a vacuum pump breast enlargement machine, some users have reported visible improvements in breast size and firmness. The vacuum created by the device stimulates blood flow to the breast tissue and may encourage breast cell growth over time. As a result, the breasts may appear slightly larger and more lifted. However, the extent of the changes can vary among individuals.

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Before and After

FAQ about Breast Vacuum Pump Machine

1. How Often Should I Use Breast Vacuum Pump Machine?

The recommended usage frequency varies among manufacturers, but typically it is advised to use the machine for 15-25 minutes per session, 2-3 times a day. It’s crucial to follow the instructions provided with the specific device you choose and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

2. Do Breast Vacuum Pump Machine also Work for Buttock?

Yes, since it can suck on the skin and flesh of the buttock with appropriate cups. And the vacuum suction can stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system. Meanwhile, it is also effective for firming up the buttock muscles. 

3. Is There any Side-effect of Using Breast Vacuum Pump Machine?

I would say yes if you use the machine incorrectly. Some users have reported temporary side effects such as mild discomfort, redness, or bruising. But don’t worry, a professional breast vacuum pump machine and a professional trained operator can minimize the side-effect.


However, I do hope that to change the shape of your breasts through any means is because you really have your own aesthetic preferences, rather than being influenced by social media or the people around you. It’s not about being brainwashed into passively changing yourself just because you see the Kardashians’ voluptuous breasts. Anyway, the breast vacuum pump machine is worth a try if you really want to enlarge your breasts. Because it is safe and noninvasive, and it will not influence your normal life.

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