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2 in 1 Air Pressure Infrared Heat Body Massage Slimming Machine


  • Air wave pressure+Infrared heat therapy

  • 360° Overall air wave therapy suit

  • 8 air chambers

  • Body massage+body shaping

How it works

Pressotherapy is effective for decreasing edema, increasing lymphatic and blood flow, and improving the circulatory system’s general performance. The pressotherapy suit is made up of several parts or chambers that can be inflated concurrently or in a sequential manner. These chambers are located in relation to the arms, waist, and legs, among other body components. Blood and lymphatic fluid flow is aided by the sequential compression produced by the chambers’ inflation and deflation, which simulates the natural pumping action of the muscles.
In the meantime, heat is produced by the use of infrared light. Compared to conventional heat sources, it penetrates the skin more deeply, offering advantages including increased blood circulation, pain alleviation, and muscle relaxation.

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  • Reduce swelling

  • Relieve muscles soreness

  • Relieve fatigue

  • Relieve limb numbness

  • Regulate cold limbs

  • Reduce cellulite

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Main Features

JF641 air pressure5

360° Overall Pressotherapy Suit

It provides comprehensive benefits for improved circulation and overall well-being.

JF641 air pressure8

Water-proof&Anti-skid Suit Material

Water-proof, anti-skid, and anti-explosion suit material ensures a secure and relaxing experience

Machine Structure

JF641 air pressure6

Machine Parameter

Model number JF641
Technology Air wave pressure therapy+Infrared heating
Output voltage AC220V-240V/50Hz; AC100-110v/60Hz
Rated power 400W
Heating temperature 35℃~80℃ (adjustable)
Pressure intensity 7 levels
Air chamber quantity 8
Air pump flow 60L/min
Massage mode 6
Massage parts Legs&feet, waist, arms
Heating parts Back&arms, waist, legs&feet
Package size 56*37*37cm
Package weight 17kg

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